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Gradually slipping into madness......
The Shinigami Story

Pandora's Box

Awww, look at the baby death machine!

The Big Black Death Machine

Go speed racer!

What a beauty!

Oh no! It's soccerball prison!

NASA--one of our official sponsors

UNR--another of our sponsors

Loading mechanism

Let me out!!!!

Free at last!

Look, children, it's a sprocket.

Wheee! Into the prison!


Robot comes complete with clamps.

A tool is used to align the sproket mounting holes

The tool is used with a Small Parts Inc. Skyway hub.

A transfer punch is used to mark the location of the sprocket holes

The holes are then drilled using a milling machine for accuracy.

The finished assembly, ready to roll.

Finished wheel with sprocket attached. [ not grooved]

Shiginami with finished chassis, much lighter and stronger.

Modifying the sprocket

Cutting down the motor holders

Lots of particles on the floor

Wheels with grooves added, helps with traction

New casing is lighter and stronger.


Development as of 2/9/02